July 21, 2024

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Castilla town aims to secure a Seal of Good Local Governance for 2021

Photo: Castilla PIO

The town of Castilla Sorsogon under the leadership of Mayor Isagani Mendoza was assessed by the provincial DILG on its areas of operation and compliances required to meet the criteria in securing a Seal of Good Local Governance which the town was awarded in 2019.

As required the town presented to the provincial DILG team their 2019 Governance Assessment Report concerning the governance and management structure as they were guided by the post-audit of their compliance with their ISO 9000:2015 CERTIFICATION.

Photo: Castilla PIO

Accordingly, Mayor Mendoza emphasized the up-to-date submission of all requirements for the year 2021 as practiced in delivering social and administrative services aiming to pass the criteria of the provincial assessment of DILG.

Passing the provincial assessment the town will be included in the regional assessment a step closer to securing another Seal of Good Local Governance.