April 18, 2024

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Castilla “Doktor ng Bayan” visit Barangay Bonga for COVID-19 vaccination

Castilla PIO photo

The vaccination of residents at Barangay Bonga, Castilla for COVID-19 once again demonstrated the dedication to serve no matter if they have to cross open water trek a muddy road to fulfill their obligations as frontliners.

Dr. Melquiades Boque Jr, Municipal Health Officer was with the group of nurses together with Maricel Enovejas Immunization Program Coordinator supervising the vaccination at the same time rendered home visits to residents for check-ups and dispensing medicines to those with medical conditions.

the initiative of RHU staff is part of the health services program of LGU Castilla under the leadership of Mayor Isagani “Bong” Mendoza as it put forward the town under the slogan “ProgresiBONG Castilla.”