July 20, 2024

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Castilla 11 armed men: One suspect free on bail, 10 others still in Castilla jail, Sorsogon

Facing three criminal charges docketed as People of the Philippines versus Christopher Funtanar y Villeson ET.AL., in Criminal Cases No. 2022-122344P, 2022-122345P and 2022-122346P, one of the accused Ronald Labalan Lasala were granted provisional liberty when his counsel’s motion to reduce bail was approved by the vice-executive judge of Branch 53.

The DOJ guidelines for bail set 200 thousand per count for violation of RA 10591 and 100 thousand per count for robbery, but the Motion to Reduce Bail by the accused through their counsel was given merit by RTC Branch 53 judge.

A bail bond of 126 thousand for the three charges filed for Lasala at the office of RTC-Office of the Clerk of Court duly receipted was admitted by the Court, and directed PMaj Marmay Fartingca COP of Castilla Municipal Police Station who has the custody to release Lasala on May 16, 2022.

The court advised the released accused to be present during each and every hearing of the cases against his person until the promulgation of the decision under pain of confiscation of his bond and his re-arrest.

As of this posting, the remaining ten accused have not posted bail.