July 13, 2024

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Camarines Sur water consumers want Congress to probe stiff water rates hike

Water consumers in Camarines Sur want Congress to conduct a probe over the very sharp increase of water rates imposed by a government-owned utility on commercial water consumption.

Water consumers over the week decried the stiff hike of water rates, from a minimum of P300 monthly for the first 10 cubic meters, now increased this February to P1,490. minimum for the first 10 cu/m.

Several angry market stall owners went to the Partido Water System office in Tigaon, Camarines Sur in protest, but were snubbed by office staff, and were told that the price increase order was “from up and above”.

“If you do not want the water rate to increase, then have your water disconnected,” said a Partido Water staff to the inquiring water consumers, mostly micro-entrepreneurs.
The staff had forgotten that it is the mandate of the State to provide the people affordable clean potable water.

The water agency is owned by the Partido Development Administration (PDA), a government-owned and controlled agency that was ordered abolished for failure to achieve its mandated sets of performance, but its abolition is now on appeal.

Affected water commercial users are market stalls, business establishments, eateries, meat and fish vendors, and offices.

The Partido Water Supply System services the water needs of the Fourth District towns of the province. [BicolExpress.News]