May 21, 2024

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BM Atutubo clarifies Irosin incident to colleagues, local media

Board Member Edmundo Atutubo. Photo by Manny Ferrer / Bicol Express News

Making use of the Privilege Hour Board Member Edmundo Atutubo rise for the question of Privilege narrating the incident that transpired in Irosin on May 21 resulting in a physical confrontation with the town administrator Lorenzo Ubalde which was ultimately settled at the local police station without the complaint posted in the blotter.

BM Atutubo manifested that his privileged speech is referred to a committee of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan which was acted after the suggestion of BM Roland Añonuevo that it be taken by the Committee of the Whole.

The referral to an appropriate committee for necessary action lamenting that he was vilified in the social media out of proportion on one-sided video footage which he said were spliced. As an elected public official serving in various capacities none was heard from him to be involved in an anomalous action.

During his media call when asked if there was an air of animosity between the Sorsogon COVID-19 Task Force which he is a member he replied positively. However he did not mention that there were barangay officials who attended the gathering in a t-shirt printed with Grace Yu making the atmosphere tense from the start aside from
the altercation between him and councilor Salome Navales and Borlagdan.

Referencing his action BM Atutubo said that he might have played to the bait prepared by officials of Irosin to be embarrassed publicly because they have an ax to grind against him being the chair of the SP Committee handling appropriations measures, instances that they construed as deliberate to derail their measure. Perhaps adding that in his radio program he was critical the things are done in Irosin particularly singling out town mayor Alfredo Cielo.

But he also admitted that his action might have crossed the line of a public official action which can be considered as an affront to the town officials but in many instances I made apologies for my abrupt outburst.

On the issue of the approved SB Resolution of Irosin declaring him as Persona Non-Grata, it was met with a chuckle by the Board Member, in jest he said, they made me popular but in a formal reply said that it was unfair, unjust, whimsical though it is their sentiments not all are representative of the sentiments of Irosinons.

Ending Atutubo said that he is still looking forward to settling the misgivings of both and much willing to come in equal terms to the officials of Irosin and gave an assurance that his capacity as Board Member will not be an obstruction to Irosin legislative measures to be reviewed by the upper body.

Because of the Irosin incident the Information Education Campaign of Sorsogon COVID-19 Prevention Task Force sorties to other towns are temporary suspended.