May 19, 2024

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Bicol University bares list of accepted incoming freshmen; 4,036 accepted, 471 waitlisted from 17,602 total applicants

Photo: Bicol University fb page

The Bicol University (BU) in Legazpi City, Albay Province, bared on Thursday, July 15, 2021, the list of qualifying applicants for incoming freshmen in the university.

According to BU Dean of Admissions Dr. Hennie Pama-Lomibao, RGC, only 4,036 students are qualified for enrollment, while 471 more are waitlisted.

These qualifiers came from a total of 17,602 applicants for incoming freshmen for School Year 2021 – 2022.

Having authorized by the Bicol University President, the Office of Admissions officially announced the BUCESS results for incoming Freshmen of Bicol University for School Year 2021 – 2022.

Applicants are advised to visit the following website/webpage to view their BUCESS Score and application status: www.buao ml(remove space).

For information on the University’s enrollment calendar, procedures, specific requirements and other enrollment- related concerns, announcements from the Office of the University Registrar will be issued later.

Results can be viewed here: 


CSSP | College of Social Sciences and Philosophy

A-01 AB Peace Studies
A-02 AB Philosophy
A-03 AB Political Science
A-04 AB Sociology
A-05 BS Psychology
A-06 BS Social Work

JMRIGD | Jesse M. Robredo Institute of Governance and Development

A-07 B Public Administration

CBEM | College of Business, Economics and Management

A-11 BS Accountancy
A-12 BS Economics
A-13 BS Entrepreneurship
A-14 BSBA Major in Financial Management
A-15 BSBA Major in Human Resource Management
A-16 BS Management
A-17 BSBA Major in Marketing Management
A-18 BSBA Microfinance
A-19 BSBA Major in Operations Management

CE | College of Education

A-21 B Early Childhood Education
A-22 B Elementary Education
A-23 B Secondary Education
A-24 Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education

CAL | College of Arts and Letters

A-31 AB Broadcasting
A-32 AB Communication
A-33 AB English Language
A-34 AB Journalism
A-35 AB Performing Arts (BPeA) Theater
A-36 Bachelor of Arts in Literature

CN | College of Nursing

A-41 BS Nursing

CS | College of Science

A-51 BS Biology
A-52 BS Chemistry
A-53 BS Computer Science
A-54 BS Information Technology
A-55 BS Meteorology

IPESR | Institute of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation

A-61 BS in Exercise & Sports Sciences
A-62 Bachelor of Physical Education

CENG | College of Engineering

A-71 BS Chemical Engineering
A-72 BS Civil Engineering
A-73 BS Electrical Engineering
A-74 BS Geodetic Engineering
A-75 BS Mechanical Engineering
A-76 BS Mining Engineering

IA | Institute of Architecture

A-81 BS Architecture

CIT | College of Industrial Technology

A-91 BS Automotive Technology
A-92 BS Civil Technology
A-93 BS Electrical Technology
A-94 BS Electronics Technology
A-95 BS MechanicalTechnology
A-96 BS Food Technology
A-97 B Industrial Design
A-98 B Technical – Vocational Teacher Educ. Major in Drafting Technology
A-99 B Technical – Vocational Teacher Educ. Major in Electrical Technology
A-100 B Technical – Vocational Teacher Educ. Major in Food Service Management
A-101 B Technical – Vocational Teacher Educ. Major in Garments Fashion and Design

CAF | College of Agriculture and Forestry

A-111 B Agricultural Technology
A-112 BS Agribusiness
A-113 BS Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
A-114 BS Agriculture
A-115 BS Forestry
A-116 B Technical – Vocational Teacher Educ. Major in Animal Production
A-117 B Technical – Vocational Teacher Educ. Major in Agricultural Crop Production

TC | BU Tabaco Campus

A-121 B Secondary Education (Science & Math)
A-122 BS Entrepreneurship
A-123 BS Fisheries
A-124 BS Food Technology
A-125 BS Nursing
A-126 BS Social Work

GC | BU Gubat Campus

A-131 B Elementary Education
A-132 B Secondary Education (Filipino & Social Studies)
A-133 BS Agricultural Technology (Ladderized)
A-134 BS Entrepreneurship
A-135 BSBA Major in Microfinance

PC | BU Polangui Campus

A-141 B Elementary Education
A-142 B Secondary Education (English & Math)
A-143 BS Automotive Technology
A-144 BS Computer Engineering
A-145 BS Computer Science
A-146 BS Electrical Technology
A-147 BS Electronics Engineering
A-148 BS Electronics Technology
A-149 BS Entrepreneurship
A-150 BS Food Technology
A-151 BS Information System
A-152 BS Information Technology
A-153 BS Information Technology (Animation)
A-154 BS Mechanical Technology
A-155 BS Nursing
A-156 B Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLed)