April 24, 2024

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Bicol students develop EcoDrone for farming

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by Joey Natividad

The Electronic Crop Operating Drone (EcoDrone) lifts off smoothly, hovers over the field, then sprays pesticide towards the crop, covering the entire field.

The group of students, revving with excitement, watch the drone finishes spraying the field, and the group move closer as the drone lands easily in front of them.

The group, composed of 7 students and the advisor, gleefully examine the EcoDrone, totally convinced their invention will become a game-changer in Philippine agriculture.

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The day will come when the Filipino farm laborer will spend more time using the toggle stick, or pressing control push buttons than manually working on the field.

“Bicol young talents, game changers”

The EcoDrone, (Electronic Crop Operating Drone), was developed by seven (7) Electronics Engineering students of Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology – Naga City.

They are:
Sharmaine P. San Joaquin; Ariel J. Nopre Jr.; Mark Philip B. De Vela; Veronique S. Aringo; Jesamie B. Tinoy; Jessa Mae B. Curativo; and, Kim T. Abarientos.

Vino T. Santiago is the Thesis

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Intuitively, they know an army of drones will be a sweeping success in modern agriculture, fast-tracking farming in time-sensitive cropping environment.

They forecast the EcoDrone is a game changer in farming methods and equipment.

“Technology intervention in farming”

According to Ariel Javellana Nopre Jr., the EcoDrone is a “UAV-Based Seed Bombing and Sprayer System that aims to automate planting and spraying process through the use of Raspberry Pi.”

Nopre said the EcoDrone has a digital servo motor for dropping seeds, and small nozzles for spraying pesticides, fertilizers, or water.

He said the project team started conceptualizing the EcoDrone in October 2017.

Their project won the Best Thesis Research and Development Presentation and Best Thesis Presenter on the Research Colloquium 2018 of Bicol State College of Applied Sciences and Technology.

Commended Presenter on Research and Development Category of Internation Research 2021 held at PUP Manila last February 2021.