June 11, 2023

Bicol Express News

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BDO opens its 33rd branch in Bicol

BDO provides banking solutions to clients through combination of physical and digital banking services in the branches.

Forecasting that the City of Sorsogon has untapped investors in the competitive banking atmosphere, BDO as a Unibank opened its doors to would-be clients giving them self-service options on their digital and online banking facilities as an alternative mode for a speedy banking transaction while inside the branch.

Serving personal investment, sending and receiving funds plus a get-go for personal financial planning needs including loans for business expansions are but a few of the services for their clients.

The newest branch has extended banking hours in unison with the mall store hours affording an added convenience to those choosing to shop with banking concerns.

BDO’s approach is novel that entices one to have the convenience to maximize their banking and shopping experience.