May 19, 2024

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Aftermath of COA report on Tinambac, Camarines Sur, opposition winning public nod

Photo from LGU Tinambac fb page

Widespread discontent is currently sweeping the Local Government Unit of Tinambac in Camarines Sur, headed by Mayor Ruel Tuy and Vice Mayor Belle Prades, reports from the town were going the rounds.

According to town folks, protests and discontent on the town administration were coming out after reports of graft and corruption were unearthed recently by the Commission on Audit (COA).

COA, as reported, had dug out millions of pesos in anomalous transactions, non-transparency in the use of the Php 20 Million Bayanihan grant, and the LGU’s inefficient response to Covid-19 resulting in surge of infections.

While support for the administration continuously drops hitting all-time low, public approval for the opposition, led by Councilor Oming Velarde and Marion Abiog, has been on the rise, with the people of Tinambac seeing the opposition as champions of unwavering service and good governance.

Support by Tinambaqeuños for the opposition is seen as a form of protest to the current administration for its ineptness, lack of compassion, and allegations of plunder of people’s money.

As the administration perpetrated a culture of fear and patronage politics, oppositionists Oming and Marion along with their allies and supporters carried a positive and powerful battle cry: “Bangon Tinambac, Sulong Tinambac!”

The movement is anchored on three-point campaign for unconditional delivery of social services, good governance with accountability and transparency as key elements, and people’s participation.

Together with 4th District Representative Arnie Fuentebella and Board Members Awel Llaguno and JJ Pilapil, they have been facilitating needed support for the different sectors in Tinambac – from students, artists and musicians to fisherfolk and farming communities.

Recently, they helped course through aid, from the Department of Agriculture, to more than 150 corn farmers whose crops were devastated by the intense heat.

Oming and Marion are joined in this advocacy by youth advocate Tel Bellen and people’s doctor Doc Leo Cabral among others.

Collectively, their team is well received from all corners of the town.