July 19, 2024

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Accused Juban mayor’s doctor must issue medical update about health condition

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For public interest, the doctor of accused Mayor of Juban, Sorsogon must issue an official medical bulletin regarding his condition, who is confined at the Sorsogon Medical Mission Group Hospital & Health Services Cooperative (SMMGHHSC).

Mayor Alindogan was rushed to the hospital after he reportedly felt unwell at the Juban police station.

The issuance of the medical bulletin is to prevent speculation that he will not be imprisoned in the regular jail.

Mayor Alindogan was arrested at 12:10 PM, January 20, 2022 at Barangay North Poblacion, Juban.

Mayor Antonio Alindogan – Juban, Sorsogon. Photo from FB

Alindogan is slapped with three (3) counts for the crime of Anti-Trafficking In Persons Act of 2003 (Sec. 4A In Relation to Sec.6A and 6D of RA 9208 as Amended by RA 10364) (Expanded Anti-Trafficking In Persons Act of 2012), docketed under Criminal Case Nr.2021-12164 C, 2021-12165 C, 2021-12166 C, issued by Hon. Judge Zach Zaragoza Ziga, Judge of Family Court, Fifth Judicial Region, Branch 12, Sorsogon City dated January 20, 2022.

No bail was recommended for his temporary freedom.

The suspect is 63 years old, married, incumbent Municipal Mayor of Juban town and a resident of Barangay Tughan.

Meanwhile, Bicol Express News is trying to get the side of Alindogan or his family, but there is still no answer regarding the said issue.