May 27, 2024

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ABC Chavez vows more funding to Partido State University in 4th District, Camarines Sur

ABC Chavez listens to mothers narrating their stories about their daily struggle to feed their children and hardships in sending them to school.

Giving importance on education, Congressional candidate “ABC” Antonio B Chavez, 4th District, Camarines Sur wants to give more funding to the Partido State University (PSU), Goa, Camarines Sur.

The additional budget will enable PSU to hire more teachers, expand its network of PSU Campuses, and to venture into research studies.

ABC Chavez said he gives prime importance to education with the aim of creating a broad corps of professionals in the district with their various fields of expertise and specialization.

“There are so many young people with talents here in the 4th District who need government-supported education opportunities,” ABC Chavez said.

“Once I win a seat in Congress, this is one of my priority agenda, to jump-start higher education,” ABC Chavez said, during an interview with ABC@Your Service program host Russell Rosero of Partido News FM, 100.9 .

The 4th District is composed of the towns of Tigaon, Sagñay, Goa, Tinambac, Presentacion, Lagonoy, San Jose, Siruma, Caramoan, and Garchitorena.