April 24, 2024

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84 positive on COVID-19 recorded in Sorsogon

COVID-19 patient. Photo: gorodenkoff / iStock

Eighty-four (84) individuals, including nine senior citizens and 11 minors from various towns in Sorsogon, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus within three days, according to the latest report by the Sorosogon Provincial Health Office.

In the PHO report, such number of COVID-19 virus positive cases were recorded on 24th, 25th and 26th August.

Those who tested positive were named after they signed a waiver agreeing to make their names public.

The senior citizens were identified as Salvador Rodrigues Gonzalgo, 72 years old and Sylvia Pancho Dagñalan, 85 years old, both from Bibincahan, Fe Olayta Mora, 96 years old of Burabod, Cecilia Jaudalso Legaspi, 68 years old of Rizal, Jesus Jarilla Duka, 71 years of Bogña Bacon and Ernesto Despabiladeras, 70 years of Polvorista, all from Sorsogon City; Gloria Funtalva Dador, 65, of San Isidro in the town of Barcelona; Elena Maraña Lasalita, 66, of Poblacion in Castilla town and Nilda Magsael Endaya, 66, of Carriedo in Gubat town.

Meanwhile, the number of those who tested positive also included seven minors from Poblacion in the town of Castilla; a three -year -old boy from San Rafael in the town of Prieto Diaz; an eight -month -old baby boy from San Isidro Bacon and two boys aged three and a one -year -old boy from Salvacion West, all from Sorsogon city.