April 23, 2024

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5 members of Bulacan rescue team recognized, given tribute

Photo: Batang Malolos

by Bicol Express News

Public recognition was given to the rescuers who died while performing their duties in the midst of typhoon Karding’s devastation in Bulacan Province.

They were George Agustin, Narciso Calayag Jr., Troy Justin Agustin, Jerson Resurreccion and Marby Bartolome.

They were the emergency rescuers of the Bulacan Provincial Risk Reduction and Management Office.

The victims were riding on an Army truck proceeding to the barangay, but the truck could not navigate due to the high flood waters, so they transferred to the boat to reach the place where they would launch rescue operations.

But, unexpectedly, a wall collapsed on the rescuers’ boat while passing by.

Their bodies were found in Sitio Banga Banga, Brgy. Camias, San Miguel, and their remains brought to the Glory to God Funeral Service.

Meanwhile, fellow rescuers in the country paid tribute to the five rescuers, by placing their respective logos in each disaster group in recognition for their heroism.