May 21, 2024

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3 more deaths in the latest Covid-19 update of PHO Sorsogon

COVID-19 patient. Photo: gorodenkoff / iStock

SORSOGON CITY – Out of the 1740 pandemic cases in the province the death toll is now 74 after 2 senior age Bicol Patients died and a 54-year-old woman identified as Bicol Patient No. 11831, 9900 and 10964.

Bicol Patient No. 11831 was admitted at the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital on May 27 with difficulty in breathing, fever, headache and physically weak but died on the same day, a post mortem swab confirmed that she is positive of the virus. She is from San Juan Roro of Sorsogon City and the 72nd death registered in the province.

The 73rd death was Bicol Patient No. 9900 admitted at SPH on May 14 due to cough and body ache. A swab sample was taken on May 16 confirmed that she was positive of the virus after the swab sample taken but eventually died on May 28. She is from Barangay Aquino in Bulan.

While Bicol Patient No. 10964 swab sample taken on May 24 result was positive for COVID-19 admitted at SPH the next day because of cough but by May 28 she was the 74th death. She is from Banuangdaan in Matnog.

There wer thirteen new cases registered with PHO from Sorsogon City. One of them belongs to the senior age and the rest are of legal age.

There were also 3 new positive cases registered from Bulan. Matnog registered two new positive cases. The town of Castilla has two new positive cases and one each from the town of Gubat, Juban and Castilla. five of them belong to the senior agebracket the oldest is 85 years old.

This latest report of PHO Sorsogon includes a doctor from RHU Juban, a nurse from a private hospital, an engineer from Energy Development Corporation, another is a driver from LGU Castilla, frontliners and a health care worker.

None of the new cases have a travel history.

On the positive side, Sorsogon has 10 recoveries including a 68-year-old male from Gubat bringing the number of recovered patients to 1425 but with 241 active cases. There were also 193 negative swab test results.