April 23, 2024

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2 Delta Variant cases recorded in Sorsogon Province

Two COVID-19 Delta Variant cases were recorded in Sorsogon Province, according to the Provincial Health Office report.

The first confirmed Delta Case was a 38 -year -old man from Maningcay De Oro in Prieto Diaz town, while the second was a 17 -year -old man from Bibincahan, Sorsogon City.

The first Delta Variant case has a travel history in Santa Rosa, Laguna and had undergone mandatory quarantine at the municipal quarantine facility of Prieto Diaz, from August 5th to 20th.

He is asymptomatic and has currently been declared recovered.

The second case is a minor and is currently recovering.

It came out on September 6 that such individuals were positive for Delta Variant, after performing WGS, or Whole Genome Sequencing on their samples.

PESU is currently conducting contact tracing on persons who may have close contact with the two cases.

The PHO continues to remind the public to follow minimum health protocols and get vaccinated if they have not been vaccinated.