April 23, 2024

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11 new cases of COVID in Sorsogon City, 1 in Gubat town

Arrival of COVID-19 vaccine in Sorsogon province. SPIO photo

A 16-year-old male is one of three residents of Bibincahan who tested positive for the coronavirus and 21-year-old Aivanne Dominguiano Divina a health care worker of Sorsogon Provincial Hospital as Bicol Patient No. 5701.

The minor is Bicol Patient No. 5700 who was a close contact of Bicol Patient No. 5571 and 5572. Maria Catherine Laceda Frayna,29 is from the same place.

Two residents of Macabog, Joan Escanela Jetajobe, 29, Imelda Docot Pancho,57 while Leonardo Estocado Galias, 39, and Joseph Cerdeno Lovedorial,42 are from Pangpang.

One each from Basud, Cabid-an, Salog, and Abuyog identified as Claro Jebulan Narvaez, 76, Zenaida Fabia Dionela, 47, and Gloria Alvarado Pancho, 87 and Renee Ann Latagan Lagata, 21.

The lone case in Gubat town is Cecila Enguerra Villaruel, 54.

Lagata is Bicol Patient No.5673 and close contact of Bicol Patient No. 5666 while Narvaez, Dionela and Pancho are Bicol Patient No. 5704,5705,5706. The three are in close contact with Bicol Patient No.5517.

Bicol Patient No. 5674 is Galias who is a close contact of Bicol Patient No. 5575. Jetajobe is an LSI from Antipolo City is tag as Bicol Patient No. 5672.

Three government employees were also tested positive identified as Lovedorial, Pablo, and Frayna as Bicol Patient No. 5675, 5677, 5699.

There are also seven recoveries that were allowed to continue their home quarantine by health authorities. In the same post, SPHO said that 150 swab results conducted are negative.

The province registered 844 Covid-19 cases 120 of them are active, 694 have recovered and 30 deaths.