July 13, 2024

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San Jose Mayor Doc Mac Chavez in Camarines Sur promotes program for fisherfolks

Mayor "Doc Mac" Chavez of San Jose, Camarines Sur. Contributed photo

San Jose Mayor Marco P. Chavez M.D. in Camarines Sur launched free registration for fishermen and free registration, licensing of fishing boats and gears.

Aside from registration, free insurance coverage for fishing boats.

This program for fishermen was conducted on Thursday and Friday, February 3 – 4, 2022, for Fisherman’s Day, in coordination with the Municipal Agriculture Office headed by Mrs. Grace Santelices.

Yearly, Mayor Doc Chavez conducts this free registration for fishermen, fishing boats and gears, including insurance coverage for fishing boats to support fisherfolks.

San Jose fishermen register their boats. Contributed photo

The young Mayor, also a medical doctor, popular as “DocMac”, has continued the successful fisherfolk program of his father, then Mayor ABC Antonio B. Chavez, who directed San Jose to economic growth.

ABC Chavez was mayor for 3 terms, and now running for Congress as Representative for 4th District of Camarines Sur.