June 11, 2023

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Rodriguez appointment paper as Marcos Jr. Chief of Staff: “virtual, now you see, now you don’t”

Atty. Vic Rodriguez. Photo courtesy: Manila Standard

by Bicol Express News

Reports that former Executive Secretary Victor Rodriguez would be the new Chief of Staff which went the rounds on the social media after his resignation in September had himself floating in thin air.

There is no such appointment order, according to Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin on Tuesday.

Bersamin denied the existence of an administrative order naming Rodriguez as President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s new chief of staff.

Last month, Rodriguez disclosed that he would be the Pesident’s Chief of Staff after he resigned as executive secretary.

Rodriguez, a long time Marcos ally, stepped down from the “Little President” post in September.

He resigned after he was tagged on the Sugar Regulatory Administration’s controversial sugar imports plan.