January 30, 2023

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Prime Water Sorsogon earns negative reviews

Sorsogon Ciy Prime Water murky and muddy water supply. Photo: Francis Guantero

SORSOGON CITY – Prime Water Resources operation in Sorsogon City have to contend with the flak from its customers as their murky and muddy water supply is becoming normal to households in the different parts of the city.

The Sorsogon City Water District entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Prime Water Resources transferring the commercial operation to the private utility firm including the maintenance rehabilitation and upgrading of the existing pumping station of the water district with undisclosed capital expenditures for viable water distribution.

After five years of operation, Prime Water has not fully complied with its operational obligations as called in the JVA. This was evident as some parts of their service area are experiencing a lack of supply, aside from the flow of water which is muddy and murky.

The facebook post of Francis Guantero has critical comments against Prime Water from his followers that should be properly addressed by the private concessionaire dragging the Villar business empire in a bad light.

A certain Lawrence Bryan Ryder commented “ Disgraceful on the part of Prime Water! Should rename their company as “Grime Water”!!! This happens every day together with low/no pressure , and yet the company expects us to pay our bills faithfully.”

While Eva Jalmasco formaran commented “ Sa San Juan Roro amu man po, sana po magawan ng paraan na maging maayos”(In San Juan roro, it is the same , Hopefully it can be remedied.)

Marvid Zuniega from Bulacan and Iselyn Francisco Manolato of Pampanga derided Prime Water service in their area. Setnalab Exa said “ Permi man iyan, wara naman bago jan…haloy na problema iyan” (the situation is always the same, there is nothing new about it, for a long time it is the problem).

One was cautious “Adaw man dae man ada sa gabus magkataon lang ada sainda”(Perhaps it just in their area but not in all service areas) was the take of Cris Detera Gualves.

When Prime Water was invited by the Sangguniang Panglungsod some council members are calling for the termination of the Joint Venture Agreement evidenced by the failure of Prime Water to fully comply with the proviso of the agreement.