March 3, 2024

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Model, star Heart Evangelista going through something, “meron pinagdadaanan”, “umiiyak”

by Joey Natividad

Philippine social media is placing Heart Evangelista at the public spotlight, the latest of her breaking into tears on Wednesday, September 7, as posted in Instagram.

GMA 7, in its post, linked Heart’s sobbing moments to her recent You Tube vlog, about her “search for happiness”, meaning she isn’t happy.

Bicol Express News, reported Heart is in “angst”, a “gnawing emptiness” which she has described as “undergoing personal struggles  lately”, and wanting to be “independent from some people who care most”.

Heart revealed about making certain changes on her social media content and shares more of the “unfiltered version” of her life.

This beautiful model is the wife of brilliant, assertive Senator Chiz Escudero, who may climb up to a higher post in some future time. 
While the Senator focuses on the nation’s affairs, Heart focuses on the “me ” side, modeling in Paris, praising herself, looking good in vlogs, finding satisfaction in the narcissistic, “only me” self-portrait”

Heart Evangelista candidly admitted “dealing with personal struggles” lately, signs of “gnawing emptiness”, and angst.

Heart hinted at the anxiety, revealing some personal struggles, trying to look at the bright side of things, and “being happy” which is an admission that she isn’t. 

She said a few shocking things, but not the details at her Friday’s vlog of her YouTube channel on September 2.

There are rumours that her marriage to Senator Escudero is no longer a fairy tale, a little bit unstable which only both of them can confirm or deny.

In fairy tales, there is always the presence of “omen” and “the witch” who will cast a stinging spell, but in the end, the lovers will live forever. But, this no longer a fairy tale.

How long the angst bug Heart only time will tell. At least, depression is still a short distance away from her.